Carolyne Anthony’s Teaching Tip of The Week

The physical body is the one we can all see and the body that we all agonize over. Appearance can sometimes be the driving force behind the need to exercise. Mobility, strength and health in general may sometimes play second fiddle.

As instructors we can help clients calm down and respect and honor the body they inhabit right now.You may be able to hand them the tools that could help them change their perspective towards exercise

The physical body,as with all the subtle bodies- is made up of energy. The energy at this level is the densest and has the slowest vibration. This is what we can see. It is the vehicle that contains all the other subtle bodies- the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.The connection between all of these bodies is the etheric body, which projects slightly away from the physical body. I look at the etheric body as being the fascia- the connective tissue that holds it all together.

What we need to understand is how to facilitate a balancing of these subtle bodies to create that stillness and calm within.You know how you feel at the end of a good workout. You feel energized yet peaceful,bright yet relaxed,strong and flexible. How do you achieve this? A big part of it comes from breath work.

Joseph Pilates said it was the most important principle. Much can be accomplished with breath be it deep breathing,rhythmic breathing or percussive breathing. All breath work helps, the secret is to be aware of your breath.

The fast shallow breath,in and out of the mouth is a stress breath and will keep you at the level of fight or flight. The slower, deeper breath is the rest and digest breath that will clear your mind, focus you and calm you enough to be able to see the bigger picture of your life. It can create the stillness within while you exercise with concentration, quality, precision and total body integration. It will create the space for your physical body to move and your etheric body to lengthen and recoil to create that movement.

-Carolyne Anthony

The Centre for Women’s Fitness

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