Whole Body Vibration Workout

The fitness industry has been mostly dominated by men. From yoga, to pilates to research on diet until recently, not much research has been studied on female subjects. And because the focus has been more towards instagramable physique, there is a gap in a huge market that needs our attention. A fitness and wellness education catered for women, by women backed by Science.

I have been lucky to have the time and support to study and research on hormonal changes that effects both physically and mentally. I only wish such information was available to me much earlier. I say earlier because I did not understand what my mother was going through when she hit her menopause; how one of my siblings had to have a uterus removed and how another of my sibling who had been trying to get pregnant hit menopause and affecting her both emotionally and mentally. As we move away from a communal family setting to a nuclear family setting, people now lack the support we get from a community.

Not all is lost. Social Media has given opportunities to connect women globally creating a virtual community. In terms of women wellness, I have studied under The Centre for Women’s Fitness, Studio Pilates, Girls Gone Strong and Burrell Education both online and on-site. They are my go-to community when I have questions related to research findings. This let me to learn more about WHOLE BODY VIBRATION or WBV for short. If you google on wbv for women, you will see a whole list of links on research done. Honestly, I was a skeptic on wbv but was convinced on the benefits it had on post natal and 3rd age women. You can read more from this link:

Most people think that WBV workout entails one to be in a static position. There are lots more one could. Adding functional tools, integrated functional moves can be performed. I recently did a promo video of me utilising Power Plate wbv. You can watch it here.

My choice of continual education courses I study in the field of fitness is the journey that follows my unique feminine needs. I say unique because my experinces are not the same with a another. All the aches, pains and hormonal changes that are visiting me, I am truly humbled by them!

My coaching program provides body-positive, evidence-based information women’s health, re and post-hab, professional referals and much more. I offer solutions to help women reach their goals in a realistic, sustainable, and compassionate way. WBV is my latest offering catered to post-natal and women in their 3rd age.

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