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Oh my glorious dimpled skin!!!

Dimples look great when you have them on your face. The other day as I was on my downward dog position, I saw my not so cute dimpled cellulite skin on my thighs and hips. They disappeared when I came out of the pose. Thank goodness!

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Love my thighs!

As much as I pass on body positive, love your body messages, I wanted to find out if certain diet and exercise plays any role in reducing its appearance. I am told lighting and and posing at a certain angle reduces the appearance magically.

Firstly, cellulite are harmless. And mostly appears on women. Thin, fat, mascular, young, old…sigh! Even the fittest person has them! Personally, I did not see them as a “flaw” until the cosmetic industries started advertising on miracle creams and lotions. Suddenly, we learned what “orange peel” really mean! And oh those stretch marks and spider veins ! Now don’t get me started! Is or are there ways to reduce them? My answer, not totally.

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Female hormones play a big role. Estrogen, water retention, insulin, carbs rich food etc… makes each fat cell look larger and lumpier especially around our thighs and buttocks. When we balance our diet with a healthy mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, we can reduce insulin concentrations. Reduce sugar, salt, alcohol and simple carbs

When it comes to exercise, train full-body strength training sessions, which incorporate upper and lower body movements in one workout. PHA or Peripheral Heart Action Training, you will alternate from lower body to upper body with very short rest periods between exercises. The goal is to maximize blood flow between the upper and lower body while the shortened rest periods keep your heart rate up for cardiovascular and fat-burning benefits training. Here, when you recruit more muscle fibres, you create greater metabolic effects. And there has been research done that training with #whole_body_vibration does help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Some video ideas on PHA training:

As always ladies, we are much “bigger” than these cellulites. Much bigger than what the media tells us (that we are not perfect). Eat well and don’t stop moving!

This article is adapted from Girls Gone Strong blog

Link to Whole Body Vibration research can be found here.

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