Satisfying my NEATS

Pre-covid because of the nature of my job (I am a mobile coach, rely on public transport and walk a lot) l easily met my NEAT i.e. Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. My cardio sessions are short and spend more on pilates and functional fitness training.

In this current covid situation however, my NEAT has reduced drastically. My motivation to wake up in the morning and go for a walk was a challenge. I started feeling dull.

Almost every morning I have this habit of heading down to the coffeeshop and have my kopi su dai (sometimes with an indulgence of a slice of buttered bread) and chat or just say to familiar faces. While sipping my coffee, I will admire the people in the park nearby doing their daily walks, jogs, taichi etc…
And I will give excuses for not going for a walk like, oh I am not wearing proper footwear or I just had breakfast…
One day I told myself that I will just do a 30mins walk whether I am wearing the correct footwear or not. Soon I started wearing my cross trainer shoes to the coffeeshop shop. The mindset was, “I have worn the shoes. I can either return home or go for walk.”
Now I am doing long walks. I am learning to satisfy my NEATS! #NEAT #walking #motivation #smallchangesbigimpact

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