Holistic Core Restore® 4th Trimester

A nurturing and empowering Programme created for and DEDICATED TO SUPPORTING YOU THE MOTHER, either towards the end of your Pregnancy or in your early Post Natal days, weeks and months.

  • Are you newly Post Natal and feeling that you need more support in your role as a mother and the practicalities of the early days?
  • Are you coming towards the end of your Pregnancy and want to be as prepared as possible in your early Post Natal days?
  • Do you need help organizing your ‘New Mom Support System’ and the people who can help you so that you have the time and space to truly recover?
  • Are you unclear about how to perform the Pelvic Floor or Core Rehab exercises to support a Diastasis that you were told to perform?
  • Have you developed aches and pains because of the changes in your postural alignment and need help to get comfortable in your body again?
  • Do you want to ensure your return to exercise is as safe and nurturing and respectful as possible?

If you answered YES to the above questions….this programme is for you!


On application to join this offering, you’ll be asked to complete our HCR® Red Flag Pre-Screen to decide if this programme is right for you.  If you’re a great fit You’ll then begin the ‘take-on’ process with your Coach.

Next Step

Once you’ve been screened and it’s agreed that the programme is the right fit for you, you’ll enter the world of Holistic Core Restore® whereby you will be taken through the Bump Programme which is a mix of working on your ‘New Mom Support System’, Functional Exercise, Easy Self-Care, Birth Preparation, Preparation for the 4th Trimester, Core and Pelvic Health Education and overall, a deep and precious preparation for motherhood. Whether you’re a first or fourth-time mom, this time spent preparing for one of the biggest roles a women will ever play in her life!

Because educating women is our priority, you’ll also receive our ‘Client Education Booklet’ and suggestions for homework and self-care to further improve upon your time with your Coach.