The A-Z of Strength Programming for the Midlife Female Client.

Maintaining strength, mobility and a lust for life that support a vibrant, independent midlife and beyond!

The sum of midlife female health just can’t be restricted to ‘how to eliminate belly fat and hot flushes’. There are way bigger conversations to be had! And STRENGTH is defined in many ways besides muscle mass. Much bigger conversations that pertain to maintaining:

  • Cognitive STRENGTH
  • Movement acuity and speed STRENGTH
  • Cardiovascular STRENGTH
  • Maintaining muscles mass and STRENGTH
  • Improving Pelvic Health and continence
  • Visual and aural acuity, foot fastness and proprioceptive STRENGTH

Your investment for 1:1: $850 for 10 sessions.

For group sessions with a minimum of 5 participants: $300 for 10 sessions.

If you are looking for a program that covers the full breadth of a woman’s needs and journey at this time instead of the ongoing and tiresome reductionism of this conversation to ‘middle aged fatloss and fitness’ then MENOFIT program is for you! leave your contact details below.

(Burrell Education)

Download this menopause tracker!

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