Pre and Post Natal

Whether you are currently pregnant or have already had your baby, you might have questions about everything — from how to exercise safely in each trimester to why they’re leaking urine when you jump or squat.

Instead of focusing just on weightloss, my sessions deal with the following:

  • Deal with the body image struggles that you may experience as your body changes during and after pregnancy
  • Evidence-based practice and the 6 steps to implement it immediately with you.
  • Mindset shift so you can bust through your roadblocks to success and achieve your goals.
  • Your training goals will will be determind by each trimester
  • Creating a support system.

What is so unique about my training is that I blend pilates, yoga strength training and nutrition into the coaching. My education from Girls Gone Strong Women’s Academy, The Centre For Women’s Fitness as well from Burrell Education ensures that my clients get the safest training in every stages of their lives!

“Kavitha has been my personal fitness trainer since April 2018, when I was pregnant with my first baby. Kavitha carefully and skillfully designed an adequate programme to help me stay fit, strong and, most importantly, safe during my pregnancy. She has always been passionate, enthusiastic and challenging in motivating me to continue my fitness routine. Sessions with Kavitha have been rewarding in many ways and no session has been the same. After my pregnancy, when I was given the green light by my doctor to continue training, I resumed my trainings with Kavitha. This time, Kavitha gave me motivation to lose weight, regain my strength and helped me release some tension in my tired shoulders and back. Her cheerful attitude always makes the training go quickly. In March 2020, my family and I relocated to Korea. Even then, Kavitha found a way to continue helping me with my workout routine. She has come up with an online platform and this is how we continue to “meet” and train until now. I have had a few personal trainers in my life, as I have always liked to work out. Nevertheless, Kavitha is definitely my favourite. She pushes hard to get me to meet my goals and this is exactly what I need from a personal trainer. She helps me stay motivated even if I don’t have time or energy to pick up a dumbbell. I am definitely looking forward to continue working with Kavitha.” – Izabela

“I met Kavitha after my second baby. My mid section was a mess. Kavitha designed free hand Pilates and strength training such that I could actually see changes in my mid section. I highly recommend her!” – Diya

Your Investment

Your Investment

10 Pre and post natal 1:1 coaching

At home training

850.00 S$

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