Complete the form below and proceed with PayNow/PayLah/ Internet banking payment. To safeguard the interest of the participants and ensuring the security of the zoom sessions, Zoom log in details will only be shared a day before the class via email. Please ensure you check your spam/ trash folders if you can not locate the email in your inbox.If you still cannot find it, please whatsapp Kavitha@92954575


I hereby declare that I am in good health and have no medical condition that would endanger my life while participating in the virtual live stream session *

In compliance to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), I hereby give my acknowledgement and consent to L.Kavitha & her selected co-hosts, the following : (1) Collection and use of personal information for registry of participants and to disseminate information on the meeting details/upcoming events/virtual sessions (2) Photo,sound and video recording during the session to ensure safety of participants and snippets may be used on social media to create awareness of platform and program*

Please proceed with payment after submitting the form. Each class booked is $8. Please whatsapp a snapshot of your transaction record to +6592954575 and ensure you receive an acknowledgement of receipt of payment. Please indicate YOUR FIRST NAME & LAST NAME as a reference for easier cross checking*

Important Notes

1. Upon payment for the sessions, please whatsapp Kavitha +6592954575 to confirm your space in your booked class
2. Please download Zoom App in advance on your laptop/Desktop/ Mobile device.
3. Zoom meeting will be open 30 minutes before the scheduled time for registration and connectivity/ sound testing.
4. Each session will commence on time and late comers will not be allowed into the session.
5. Quality of connection will vary based on individual network/broadband.
6. For better sound quality, you may connect to an external audio device.
7. For better visual quality, please mirror share your mobile image to your TV or a large screen computer.
8. Zoom meeting details will be sent 1 day before the session via your email provided.
9. Please check your spam/ trash folders if you are unable to locate the email invite in your inbox.
10.Class payment must be made before all sessions.
11. For verification purposes, please ensure your name on Zoom is the same as your registered name and to keep all video on
12. Maximum of 100 participants per session.
13. Shoes are required for all classes except Pilates and Yoga classes.
14.Any unauthorised participants will be removed and all removed participants will not allowed to re-enter the session.
15. Please have a mat, small towel & bottle of water to hydrate yourself during the session. Equipments such as a sturdy chair with back rest will be used for some classes.

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