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Our unique formulas are some of the most advanced nutritional products on the market—every ingredient, and every form of ingredient, is backed by a sound scientific rationale. proteinGreen protein

We understand that knowledge about human nutrition is constantly evolving. So, we challenge ourselves to continually improve our supplements so that we produce outstanding nutritional products that deliver result—time after time.

We also like to keep things real. Just like our products that are based on real foods that are rich in nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals. Once sourced, these ingredients are carefully handled to retain all of their goodness.

And just like you, we only accept the highest quality. So you can relax knowing that every batch of Clean Lean Protein, Clean Lean Protein Bars, and Good Green Snack bars is independently tested before it gets to you.


Yummy Bros focuses on re-inventing Asian dishes that are adored by millions around the world – by making them healthier, customizable and providing more transparency on their nutritional values while keeping them as Yummy as before.
Delicious. Convenient.Enjoyable.

Yummy Bros allows you to select portion sizes & sources for your proteins, carbs, and fiber. Macronutrient and caloric facts are also listed on each meal’s webpage so that you know what’s going into your body.